Welcome to the New Rochelle Armory

Welcome friend, and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. The Save Our Armory Committee is as dedicated as ever to bringing about the revitalization of one New Rochelle’s greatest assets. A vision of a facility that continues to serve the citizenry, as it has done through war and peace, and pays tribute to the sacrifice and contributions of local residents that have helped shape the world as we know it. It’s true, for now, we can’t give you a tour of the building, but we can attempt to give you a virtual tour of  just how this grand icon has woven itself throughout  the fabric of New Rochelle’s history. Since it’s dedication, this one building has been home to sailors, soldiers, athletes and performers. From this building, we have sent our sons overseas to trade their youth for battle experience and volunteers delivered supplies for relief efforts  in the aftermath of September 11th. Local citizens making a global difference.We cannot allow this to be lost forever.

We hope you enjoy the snapshots of our New Rochelle history. Come back often and see what’s new, and check out our Facebook fan page link on the front page. You might see some old friends  or maybe make some new ones. So, thanks again for taking the tour and remember, your support, at any level, will help make history.

It’s YOUR Armory – Use It – Don’t Lose It ! 

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