A Day in the Life – True Tales From the Armory

Here you will find personal stories from military and civilians alike as they recount the days spent at this historic building. Hear first hand how the Armory played a part in so many lives.

Our first story is from Chief Warrant Officer/4 George Keller, USNR, Ret.


“It certainly was great meeting you and all of those other fine veterans from New Rochelle.
I well remember that beautiful building.  I was sworn in there in 1962, I went in as a Third Class Radioman because there was an instruction still on the books from WWII that if one has a ham radio operators license he could join as a RM3.  Since I went in to a Naval Security Group unit, I changed over to “Communications Technician Third class” before going on active duty.
When I returned, I made First and Warrant.  Cdr. Kuras read my Warrant orders.
I  remember the com station there, there were many RBA, RBB and RBC receivers.  Up in the tower was the transmitter room with two big radio transmitters, a TDE and TBM.  I recall putting the TBM on the ham bands at about 500 watts along with those big antennas. It was fun.
The Naval Militia was there also, but we in the Security Group were advised not to join as Nelson Rockefeller didn’t posses the necessary security clearance and could not be CINC. of such a unit.  However, we all attended the N.M. parties which were held there, such as the “Hawaiian Evening” on the drill deck.
We had many BBQ’s down on the lawn by the water. You could even catch lobsters there.
I’m sure you military guys will over run those “Public Servants” in N.R. and will once again display our history in proper fashion.
Jim, once again, thank you and your fine crew of vets for traveling all the way to out little back woods community to help us celebrate our freedom.”
CWO4 George Keller, USNR, RET.
Thank you Mister Keller – for your service to our Country,  and your memories.

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