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County Legislator Maisano Offers Support for Armory Re-use

March 14, 2012

Long time supporter of the Armory, County Legislator Jim Maisano, expressed his concerns to the City Council in his letter of record for the latest council meeting. Support continues to grow as more and more people begin to realize the potential that exists in our own back yard. We hope you join with Mr. Maisano and the rest of the supporters to help make the vision become a reality. All of New Rochelle benefits when we work together.

Mr. Maisano isn’t the only one who understands the importance of  how the Armory was transfered to the City . The subsequent  letter from the New York State Office of General Services has offered an explanation of the terms of the transfer. The proposals for Echo Bay have consistently failed to allow compliance with the spirit and intent of the law.

We thank you for your support and for the clarification.

Legislator Maisano letter to City Council

NYS Office of General Services Description of Deed Covenant page 1

NYS Office of General Services Description of Deed Covenant page 2


New Rochelle Armory Nominated for Heritage Award

January 10, 2012

The City of New Rochelle is accepting nominations for the 2012 Heritage Awards. To that end, we at the Save Our Armory Committee are proud to nominate the Armory for the City’s consideration. We do this on behalf of all the supporters/residents who have chosen to keep this historical building in the public discussion. Our goal is to return this building to the public domain and allow this unique possession to continue its service to the citizens of this city. To acknowledge the rich heritage and history of our city we need to be vigilant in our effort to preserve the past as we build our future. The Heritage Award is just one more step in raising our collective awareness and keeping this issue in the public discussion. To quote the Mayor, “By raising public awareness about our past, we help ensure that historic charm remains a vital part of our future. The Heritage Awards assist in accomplishing this goal by celebrating distinctive properties that reflect New Rochelle’s rich architectural history”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The application requests the owner of the property to submit the forms. As it is “city owned”, I would make the case that we the citizens are the owners. We are “the city”. You can read the application and details by clicking on the links below.

Heritage Award Application

Heritage Award Application Detail Page 1

Heritage Award ApplicationDetail Page 2

Heritage Award ApplicationDetail Page 3

We will announce the decision by the Mayor and City Council as soon as we are informed. Stay tuned and remember



Veterans Career Fairs at the Armory? Why Not? But Until Then….

March 13, 2011


Veterans Career Fair Sponsored by

As long as war and conflict wages on around the world, troops will be deployed. Most will find themselves returning home to a world much different from it was before they left . For many, the need for support services will be fundamental in their ability to get their lives back in order. With record unemployment and a stagnant economy as their new enemies, don’t you think we owe it to them to give  a leg up wherever we can? Serving with honor as they trade their youth for a battlefield, aren’t we  obliged to open the door of opportunity for anyone who needs it. They’ve done their duty, it’s time to do ours.

Imagine the lives touched by the Veterans Resource Center , at the Armory. That day will come, but until it happens, the Save Our Armory Committee will continue to support and report on the veterans services we would like to see right here in New Rochelle.

To that end, Milicruit will be holding a virtual career fair for veterans and their spouses the week of March 10 to the 17th. Go to and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with recruiters from corporations such as GE, Microsoft, Merk, Pepsi and others. From their site – “To build on the success of past Milicruit virtual career fairs, we have joined forces with MOAA. This event will offer veterans and military spouses an opportunity to meet with dozens of industry leading employers as if in person, but from the comfort and convenience of home.”.

This career fair is being deployed in cooperation with the following organizations. Visit their sites, help serve and support those who have served our Nation.


Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS)

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

Hire Heroes USA

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

Wounded Warrior Project

Student Veterans of America

The Military Channel

We thank you for your service.


Armories – Then and Now

February 20, 2011
Illinois Armory Postcard - Then

The potential of this building has been realized

In this series,  we will begin to look at various armories around the country in an effort to represent how their intrinsic value served as a foundation to link the past with the future. While the actual applications may vary, you’ll start to see a theme of community enrichment on so many levels.

A marvelous structure from both design and engineering standpoints, the Armory now houses the University of Illinois Men’s and Women’s Track and Field events. From the UI Fighting Illini Facilities website : ” When completed the Armory was the largest free-span, no center support system, structure in the world.  The “drill hall” now referred to as the main floor, measures 200 feet by 400 feet with a ceiling height of 98 feet.” * Impressive in its own right.

Intercollegiate athletics, local sports at a national level, just one of the many ways these grand structures continue to weave the fabric of a local society as they unlock the potential of future generations.  97 years of service, generations of students moving on to change the world, setting the example for those who follow. Go ILLINI !

Illinois Armory - present day

A Stellar Example Reinforcing the "Rich in History" Theme


A cluster of mediocre co-ops or a community enrichment facility in a historical setting, what would serve the interest of New Rochelle best? The answer is clear.






* cited from the University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics. For more information or to show your support visit;

Historical postcard courtesy of  US Town Views “The largest town postcard website”.  Visit their site, there’s something for everyone.



SOA Chairman Peter Parente Speaks With Steve Malzburg

October 1, 2010


Peter Parente, chair of the Save Our Armory Committee will talk
about his role in removing the plane wreckage from the proposed site of an Islamic Center and Mosque in lower Manhattan.  

Parente will recount his story, first published by Talk of the Sound, of how he pulled the plane wreckage from Flight 175 out of the building at the center of the controversy over the proposed site of an Islamic Center and Mosque.

In the days following the attacks of 9/11, a crew of workers that included Peter arrived at  45-47  Park Place  in Manhattan. Their job was to remove a piece of one of the airliners that crashed through the roof of the building where the proposed Mosque is slated. Read the text of the original story HERE- New Rochelle Marine Disputes Defenders of ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque in New York City..

After reading the story, listen to his interview with  Steve Malzburg HERE –   he revisits his time at Ground Zero.


Reminder – 9/11 Memorial and Vigil

September 9, 2010
Photo from the 2009 memorial service

Candlelight fills the room as family and friends pause to remember

Please join us as we pay tribute to the lives lost and take time to reflect on the tragic events of September 11, 2001. A Memorial Service and Candlelight Vigil will be held this Saturday, September 11, on the front lawn of the New Rochelle Armory. Services start at 7:30 PM. The Armory is located at 270 Main Street in New Rochelle.

As family, friends and neighbors gather to show their support, they will be joined by units representing the United States Marine Corp, US Army,NRFD, NRPD, NY State Police, Westchester County Police,Westchester Pipes and Drum Corp, Westchester County Dept of Corrections, the MTA Police, the USO Liberty Bells and many more. This gathering reinforces just how many lives were affected by the tragic events of that day. A schedule of events to follow.

Serving our Nation and our City in times of war and peace, the Armory also served as a staging point for relief supplies being sent to ground zero in the aftermath of the Trade Towers collapse.

So please join us  not only to remember those lost, but celebrate the time we shared with them.

They are all gone into the world of light,
And I alone sit lingering here;
Their very memory is fair and bright,
And my sad thoughts doth clear.
~ Henry Vaughan,

Click below for a map and driving directions

View Larger Map


New Rochelle Armory – Commentary in Support of What is Right

July 6, 2010

Take a minute to read Stephen I. Mayo’s latest commentary on the latest failed political gambit of the mayor’s office.  Well thought and honest in its claim, you’ll see one more reason to stand up to the status quo who would sell out our history, if the price is right. Local insight at it’s best.  Good for you Steve and we thank you!

Like This!


The New Rochelle Armory is Safe (for now) Thanks to YOU!

July 1, 2010

Thanks to YOU. There’s no telling what the outcome would have been without your help. More and more the message is getting out to the good citizens of New Rochelle. Without your support, a large part of our history would be on the chopping block. Monday’s meeting was cross-section of the city coming together to do the right thing for the city and it’s future. But it doesn’t end here. Our efforts will continue until the Armory comes back to life, welcoming all through its doors and returning on our investment for generations to come. It’s all possible, with your help of course. So stay in touch, stay connected and tell your friends –




New Rochelle Armory is Calling All Veterans!

June 28, 2010

Uncle Sam Wants YOUAs a veteran, aren’t you entitled to improved services? Shouldn’t the price you paid be reimbursed with the full backing of a society dedicated to providing the means necessary to address the needs of every veteran? New Rochelle citizens want to provide these much needed services for you and the multitude of young men and women returning from overseas. Our mayor, with his lack of concern for all veterans, is moving to sell out the Armory so he can hand it over to a private developer for private profit. Shouldn’t we have a dedicated, historical tribute to all those who have served and the many who paid the ultimate sacrifice. A dedicated regional source for veterans services to assist anyone who needs it? The Armory is THAT place. Don’t let the mayor sell you down the river along with the broken promises made between New York State and this city. Show yourself at the Legion Hall, Post 8 on Monday, June 28 at 19:00 hrs and let them know the veteran community will not be shrugged off. Join Pete, Ron and the rest of us as we battle for what’s right, for what YOU deserve.




Bramson Coordinates Destruction of New Rochelle Armory Despite Voters Concerns

June 27, 2010

In what appears to be another “backroom” deal to subvert the legal, binding deed covenant of the New Rochelle Armory, Mayor Bramson and his cronies have decided to usurp the law, violate the public trust and destroy a large part of New Rochelle’s history. New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound is reporting the attempt to sneak through last-minute legislation. This represents a new low for a Mayor who has been impotent in bringing any success to New Rochelle  in his final days as a city leader. As anyone who follows the Armory history will tell you, the city has been completely closed to any attempt to revive the historic icon, even though the proposals would not place any burden on the city. The $5,000 contribution from the Ratner family ( of Forest City Ratner) has been a source of speculation for the Mayors drive to destroy New Rochelle’s history. Popular opinion also speaks to the personality conflicts between supporters of the Armory and the Mayor, making it a “I’ll teach you a lesson” action from the Mayor just to prove a point.  Senseless  and short-sighted in its purpose, one can only imagine why it is so important to hand over the property to a private developer even though the developer is currently reevaluating the development to keep the Armory.  You may not agree with the Armory specifically, however, you can’t possibly agree with sneaking through legislation that affects your tax dollars without your participation.  “Taxation Without Representation….” I believe was how the saying goes.

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