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UPDATE-Troops Landing at New Rochelle Armory are Asked to Leave by City Manager

August 29, 2010

Update – JUST TO BE CLEAR- The following story is meant to represent what can be acheived through community involvement, nothing more, nothing less. That being said and to avoid any misinterpretation of the story, the city manager was doing exactly what he is required to do, that is, to protect the city’s best interest. Anything less would be inappropriate by any measure. To reiterate, Mr Strome was courteous and above all, professional in his dealings with the situation. The lack of basic paperwork required to perform such work left him with no choice in protecting the city’s interests. This policy is applied to anywhere there is work being done on city property, not just the Armory. This was explained to the volunteers and now to the readers.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when a small but enthusiastic army landed on the Armory property. With a level of commitment and energy that could only be rivaled by the brilliant sunshine, the all volunteer army commenced operation “clean up” at the beleaguered facility in hopes to spruce up the area for the September 11 Memorial Service. Armed with rakes, brooms and paintbrushes and an abundance of enthusiasm, it only took a few hours to spruce up the grounds of the iconic structure at no cost to the taxpayer. Making a difference isn’t always as easy as it sounds though. As the saying goes – no good deed goes unpunished – so, holding true to the adage, work came to a screeching halt when City Manager Chuck Strome arrived. In a courteous but firm manner, the volunteers were informed that all work was to stop and the premises need to be vacated. Perhaps the hardest part of the eviction was explaining to the younger volunteers how the cleaning up of overgrown brush and a new coat of paint could be considered as a bad thing. Helping them to focus on all they had done so far, instead of what they couldn’t accomplish, helped them to realize that their contribution made a huge difference in spite of the city’s actions. So maybe all the weeds weren’t removed, and maybe the painting wasn’t finished, but all in all the younger volunteers came away with a true sense of how commitment to your town and getting involved does make all the difference. A lesson well learned, even if there are few weeds left.

After meeting and talking with this bright young group, the future seems in good hands. A heartfelt THANK YOU! to all involved, especially Jim Killoran and Habitat for Humanity for making a difference every single day.

Even more photos here

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9/11 Memorial and Vigil to be Held at New Rochelle Armory

August 22, 2010

The United Veterans  Memorial and Patriotic Association (UVMPA) will be hosting it’s annual 9/11 Memorial and Candlelight Vigil on the front lawn of the New Rochelle Armory on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 7:30 PM.  The Armory is located at 270 East Main Street in New Rochelle. All are welcome.

Join the community of family and friends to reflect on the events of  the day that changed so many lives forever. By remembering those who were lost, we  celebrate their lives and all that they shared with those who knew them.

In the days and weeks following September 11th, the Armory served as a rally point for relief supplies being delivered to ground zero. Nine years later, the Armory still serves the community as a place for the relief and healing of a wounded community, and indeed, a Nation.


New Rochelle Armory Site Reaches New Milestone

July 6, 2010

The New Rochelle Armory website ( has achieved the new milestone of reaching over 2000 visitors. No doubt, the most recent events contributed to the surge of new visitors. The Save Our Armory committee and its supporters can’t thank you enough for your continued interest. People like YOU, with your vision of what the Armory could be, will keep the politician’s feet to the fire to encourage them to see what is so self-evident to us all. The Armory IS alive, and waiting to continue on its mission of serving the community, just as she’s done since she first opened her doors.  With your continued support, we will soon see that vision realized. Thank you again and remember – It’s YOUR Armory !


New Rochelle Armory – Thousands sent off to war from here – hundreds never returned

March 15, 2010

Emotions run deep for anyone understanding the sacrifice made by those who answer the call of their Nation. To think this historic building shouldn’t become the centerpiece of any development at Echo Bay denies the contribution New Rochelle has made to shape world events. It deserves a world class treatment to honor those before us and to provide the path for those yet to come.

It’s YOUR ArmoryVeterans trying to save New Rochelle Armory 1of 2Veterans try to save New Rochelle Armory 2of2


The New Rochelle Armory – “used by everybody” in War and in Peace

March 7, 2010

This reprint, from what is believed to be the 4/20/60 issue of the Standard Star is another testament of how the Armory helped shape the world during WWII and the Korean War as well as being a well established community venue. A carefully woven fabric that covers  world and local events equally,  all under the same roof.

Help shape the future by embracing the past.

It’s YOUR Armory


The New Rochelle Armory, Former Mayor & Commish at Odds With Former City Manager

March 3, 2010

8/4/97 Standard Star NR to but ArmoryAs we read this reprint from the Journal News dated 8/4/97,(click on image to enlarge) it would appear that DPW Commissioner R. Dolan had a different “take” on what was negotiated between the City and the State. In a previous posting, Mr Korn is quoted in a letter stating “there is no contractual obligation” for maintenance or public use. In stark contrast, Mr Dolan (who Mr. Korn claims to have collaborated with the deal) sees  “great opportunity”, and is  chairman of a “new Armory committee evaluating ideas such as gym and rec center and city offices.  The last line quoting former Mayor Tim Idoni supports using the Armory “for public purposes until further notice”. What happened along the way?  To me, it’s starting to look like the intent all along was to say and do whatever it took to get control of the property  without concern for historic preservation or the vision to create a facility not found anywhere else. Could that explain the downhill slide since the city took ownership? Afterall, as early as 1999 the same Commissioner Dolan states, in another news article, the brick building is solid and both the heating and water systems are working. Lack of resolve, apathy, subterfuge? I have my opinion, but I’ll let you decide.



The New Rochelle Armory – Would a City Manager Lie?

March 2, 2010

In this letter to the editor in the May 2,2008 issue of The Sound  Report, former city manager Peter Korn asserts his version of the Armory deed. Accepting the deed, as executed, knowing in advance there would be no effort to comply doesn’t seem fair to the citizens. Does it? He states “there is no contractual obligation that the city maintains it or allows public use”.

Following up in the May 9,2008 issue of the same paper, Peter Parente, co-chair of the Save Our Armory Committee and Veteran’s activist,  offers a rebuttal to Mr Korn’s statements.

I believe you’ll find Mr Parente’s facts reflect the wording of the deed.

What do YOU think?


 Sound Report 5/2/08Sound Report 5/9/08


The New Rochelle Armory – Here is Your Deed

March 1, 2010

Armory DeedArmory DeedArmory DeedHere we can see a copy of the deed, as accepted by city and state officials. This is reprinted from the “Request for Proposals” (RFP) issued by the city in its endeavour to court prospective developers (click on any image to enlarge). Reprints from news articles and interviews will show the city’s reluctance to comply with the binding agreement . We’ve seen the city’s website acknowledge that responsibility and we’ve seen the failure to follow through.  At this point, the city needs not fund the Armory, just let those that are willing to take the lead. Is it any wonder the owner(s) of the company chosen to develop(Forest City Residential/Ratner/et al) generously  contributed to the Bramson for Mayor  Campaign?

New York State Parks see a bonus in local spending when people use their facilities. For every dollar spent for admittance, there’s upwards of ten dollars spent in the local economy (restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.)



New Rochelle Armory- Democrats, Republicans, Historians, Commissioners All Agree, Save Armory

February 28, 2010

        As this 8/2/1999 article from the Journal News shows, when the Armory was deeded to the city, it was in solid shape. All restorations of historic buildings require abatement work, so the Armory is no different than any other project. Visit these examples of how cities made the decision to realize the potential housed in these historic ficilities.

      The Portland Armory – Center Stage

      The Armory Art and Music Center

       The Bataan Memorial

       The Armory Center for the Arts

       The Armory Art Center

        Armory Square

Do you still think the New Rochelle Armory should be replaced by housing projects?



                IT’S YOUR ARMORY – USE IT DON’T LOSE IT !         

(roll across or click on any image to enlarge)     


New Rochelle Armory – City Counsel Verifies Armory Mandate for Public Use

February 27, 2010

The deed to the Armory states its requirement for public use. We’ve seen Govenor Pataki state the same. We’ve seen on the city’s website its mission statement is to maintain the Armory. Here we can see the Corporation Council for the City of New Rochelle, the person responsible for ALL legal issues for the city, reinforcing the legal mandate for the Armory’s PUBLIC USE.  The Save Our Armory Committee will continue the effort to return the Armory to the public. The city gives tens of millions of dollars to developers with no apparent return to the citizens. Why not give the Armory to the people?

                  IT’S YOUR ARMORY – USE IT DON’T LOSE IT !

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