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Save The Armory – Save New Rochelle

June 4, 2012


New Rochelle Armory

Shaping Our Future By Preserving the Past

It rises up from its knoll to command its surroundings. A veritable fortress of pre-war brick and vintage architecture, this depression era icon is a dedication to the American Spirit.   The vast, truss-framed barrel roof has provided shelter to generations of soldiers and families. The vaulted wall of arch top windows at either end forge the daily sunshine into shafts of light that dance across a prairie sized floor.  Tinker, tailor, soldier, and sports heroes alike have all shared that sunshine in the once vibrant and community-centered facility. Sending young soldiers off to war, sporting events and the arts have woven the fabric of New Rochelle’s “Rich History”. This building is ready to breathe life back into the City but it needs YOUR help, NOW !

“But what can I do?”– It’s the most common question asked and yet it’s the easiest to answer. Get involved!

  • Ø Come to our next meeting. Thursday, June 7th at the American Legion Post 8, 112 North Ave. New Rochelle at 7:30 P.M.
  • Ø Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter, learn about the Armory’s rich and distinguished history
  • Join the Save Our Armory Committee as we shape the future. Volunteers are needed at all levels such as fundraising, technical support and canvassing.

Every great journey begins with the first step. Your first step.


Welcome to the New Rochelle Armory

May 27, 2012

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site, your site. Without doubt, the Armory belongs to all of New Rochelle and its many fine citizens. The Save Our Armory Committee is currently putting together a business plan as a response to the recent City- issued Request for Proposals (RFP). It is our hope that our plan will persuade the Council that we have the best interest if the City in mind. We will show how a properly planned, revitalized Armory will be the stimulus for a new chapter of economic growth, community enrichment and showcase highlighting the best of what New Rochelle has to offer.   We have a lot to be proud of right here in this fine city. As the signpost at Eastchester Road proclaims, “Rich in History”. Let’s capitalize on this, celebrate this, as we move forward with a vision of  New Rochelle  that exceeds its expectations. So join us here at the Save Our Armory Committee in bringing that vision into a reality. Come to our meetings (NEXT ONE IS THURSDAY, MAY 31ST AT 7:30PM IN THE POST LEGION HALL 112 NORTH AVE, NEW ROCHELLE) and see the plan unfold. Contact your elected officials and tell them this  is the way to go. Most of all, get involved with us and spread the word about the benefits to the city this plan will bring.

While you’re here, catch up on the events that lead us to the current success. Click on ” search by categories” > ” New Rochelle Armory in the News” and see the story of our first proposal to the city. We believe as you learn more and more about the Armory and its history you won’t need us to convince you. It speaks for itself.( If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us through the “contact us” section of this site)

So welcome again, read up, get involved, but most of all Thank You.

Keep in mind



Local Groups Push for Meeting With City to Preserve New Rochelle Armory

February 22, 2012

Post Card of the New Rochelle Armory ca.1930's

For the second time in as many years, representatives of Veteran’s groups, Save Our Armory Committee, and concerned citizens are formally requesting to meet with the City Council and the Mayor. A new vision for the Echo Bay area that includes taking advantage of an adaptive re-use of the historical structure will be presented for consideration. With time running out on the extension of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) handed to Forest City/Ratner Developers, proponents of Armory re-use contend that now is the time to rethink the possibilities. At the heart of the new vision is the expectation to return the Armory to its original purpose of serving the public good. To that end, the Armory supporters will be requesting a one year MOU with New Rochelle for the purpose of establishing financing and development services.

After the first extension of the MOU, Forest City presented a plan that was not well received by council for its greatly scaled back vision and lack of commitment from the developer to pursue the development of the entire 26 acres that comprise the Echo Bay waterfront. Subsequently a 60 day extension was granted to buy time for the developer to reinforce their position.

Allowing the MOU extension to expire would serve the city well in two distinct ways. First it would allow the city to actively entertain alternative plans for the Armory and secondly, it would open up the waterfront acreage to a more competitive climate thereby giving the city new options.

Read the request and more by clicking the link below:

New Rochelle Veterans Request Meeting with City Council on Armory


Committee Launches Proposal for New Rochelle Armory

August 4, 2010

The Save our Armory Committee made a presentation to the New Rochelle City Council on July 20, 2010 to describe their plans for a re-adaptive use of the New Rochelle Armory. In a conference room filled with supporters, the demonstration of a vision, and the path to realize the goal of returning the Armory to public service was offered to a reserved, but receptive city council. Speakers including Save Our Armory Committee Co-Chairs Ron Tocci and Peter Parente and SOA Executive Committee members John Verni and John D’Alois. The entire presentation including Q&A ran to about 40 minutes; to meet the requirements of YouTube it is necessary to break the video into four parts. Take a moment to view the presentation and see if you can envision the next chapter in New Rochelle’s history.

Part 1 of 4: Introduction and Vision for the Armory, Ron Tocci.

Part 2 of 4: Tech & Uses, Peter Parente.

Part 3 of 4: Finance, John Verni and Closing Remarks, John D’Alois & Ron Tocci

Part 4 of 4: Q&A with City Council

  • Noam Bramson thanks SOA from coming.
  • Barry Fertel asks for copy of Engineering Report.
  • Noam Bramson explains limitations City is under due to Forest City MOU.
  • Noam Bramson asks for indication of Monroe College’s level of interest in this concept
  • Noam Bramson suggests that Forest City, Monroe College and Save Our Armory Committee Meet.
  • Chuck Strome explains that Forest City controls all discussions on Armory property and building until December 31, 2010.
  • Noam Bramson asks John Verni if “sources and uses” financial document is available?
  • Richard St. Paul asks about Armory Removal (edited out due to length issues)
  • Council and Staff discusses Forest City’s rights under MOU (edited out due to length issues) after which Noam Bramson explains Next Steps within that context.
  • Richard St. Paul asks what the impact will be on the MOU or RFP from which the MOU was derived if Forest City plan does not include the Armory?
  • Ron Tocci asks whether, if Forest City allows it, SOA can get into the building and make emergency repairs before winter?

Technical services and video edits courtesy of Andrew Wasson from Save Our Armory and Bob Cox from Talk of the Sound. Thank you all for your support !


Proposed Usage for New Rochelle Armory to be Unveiled

July 14, 2010



New Rochelle, New York 07/14/10

A planned proposal for the adaptive re-use of the New Rochelle Armory will be presented to the New Rochelle City Council on Tuesday, July 20 at 7:00 PM .

Executive members of the Save Our Armory Committee, representing Veterans and local supporters of the beleaguered facility, will offer a development plan that includes, opening up access to the water, community services for youth and seniors, veteran support services and open public space with a focus on successful economic growth and environmental sustainability.

 The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 515 North Avenue. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. The meeting can also be viewed on Verizon channel 28, Cablevision channel 75 or online, at

The Save Our Armory Committee  is a privately funded volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and community use of the New Rochelle Armory.

Submitted by:

John D’Alois 

SOA Executive Committee



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New Rochelle Armory Report on the June Emergency Meeting

July 6, 2010

As we’ve seen, the call went out to all concerned and the city was stopped in its tracks from its latest ploy to destroy history. Citizens turned out by the score to rail against this latest injustice. Among the speakers were committee members, local radio hosts, activists and citizens like you. Former Assemblyman Tocci gave the latest update regarding the State representatives’ reaction to the news that the Armory issue has NOT been settled. It’s reported that Senator Klein was most surprised that the story painted by the mayor didn’t actually reflect the reality. That within 36 hours of the truth being reported Senator Oppenheimer, Assembly Members Paulin and Latimer all pulled their support for the mayors request.  Anger, frustration, and betrayal, were the common theme among the amped up, yet organized crowd. The evening culminated with a review of a privately funded illustration of Armory possibilities. The graphic representations were met with excitement and approval  especially in light of the absence of any meaningful contribution from the city.

For your enjoyment, here’s a pictorial essay of the nights events.

Photos courtesy of Robert Pierce

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New Rochelle Armory is Calling All Veterans!

June 28, 2010

Uncle Sam Wants YOUAs a veteran, aren’t you entitled to improved services? Shouldn’t the price you paid be reimbursed with the full backing of a society dedicated to providing the means necessary to address the needs of every veteran? New Rochelle citizens want to provide these much needed services for you and the multitude of young men and women returning from overseas. Our mayor, with his lack of concern for all veterans, is moving to sell out the Armory so he can hand it over to a private developer for private profit. Shouldn’t we have a dedicated, historical tribute to all those who have served and the many who paid the ultimate sacrifice. A dedicated regional source for veterans services to assist anyone who needs it? The Armory is THAT place. Don’t let the mayor sell you down the river along with the broken promises made between New York State and this city. Show yourself at the Legion Hall, Post 8 on Monday, June 28 at 19:00 hrs and let them know the veteran community will not be shrugged off. Join Pete, Ron and the rest of us as we battle for what’s right, for what YOU deserve.




New Rochelle’s Save Our Armory Committee Calls Emergency Meeting to Address Legislator’s Improprieties

June 27, 2010

An emergency meeting of the Save Our Armory Committee will be held Monday, June 28th, 7:00PM, at the American Legion Post 8, 112 North Ave, New Rochelle. The discussion will be centered around the latest improper land grab attempt by city hall to destroy the Armory in an effort to repay the Mayors $5,000 debt to Forest City and the Ratner family.  Lattimer, Paulin, Klein and Oppenheimer have blindly rallied behind the Mayors attempt to vaporize the history of New Rochelle to appease a developer who has made a large contribution to his campaign. The worst part is this latest gambit is being pushed through absent of any discussion with the constituents of this city. It’s obvious that serving the city’s interest is not the same as serving the interest of Mayors and developers. Come to the meeting and have your voice heard.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”

Thomas Jefferson


New Rochelle Armory – SOA Meeting Highlights

April 17, 2010


(SOA Excutive Committee members, from left to right, John D’Alois, Ronald Tocci, Peter Parente, Eugeen McLeer ) 

On hand to address a  crowd mixed with long time members and new supporters, Save Our Armory (SOA) executive committee members Ron Tocci (frmr NYS Assemblyman), and Peter Parente discussed the possibilities centered around a potential multi million dollar venture with Monroe College of New Rochelle and local veteran’s groups. Exploring possible sites for a new sports arena for the local college’s basketball team, the Armory is being considered as a venue that would support the needs of a local institution along with preserving the rich history of the city. While the discussions can only be categorized as “informal” and in a fact-finding stage, this serves to underscore just one of the many ways the Armory preservation can move forward and provide a positive contribution to the city of New Rochelle.

An update will be provided at the next meeting. Look for the date and time on the Talk of the Sound’s Calendar of Events 

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