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Armory Proposal Noam Bramson Didn’t Want the Public to See – UPDATED PART 3

September 29, 2012
Bramson Sabotages Bidding Process

Mayor Plays Another Attack on the Bidding Process

The teckies over at Talk of the Sound have uploaded part 3 of the presentation by SHoP Architects. Please take a look!


Our friends over at Talk of the Sound have been gracious enough to provide a video of the proposal that was presented to the public on behalf of the ReImagine New Rochelle Group comprised of the Committee to Save Our Armory, New Rochelle Opera and Local Veterans Groups. Keep in mind ALL council members, along with the mayor, city manager and department of development staff were invited to the viewing. Only Council members Trangucci and Tarrantino considered it important enough to be present. This presentation was in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by the city for the adaptive re-use of the New Rochelle Armory. YOUR Armory. In an effort to short circuit the possible success of this proposal, Mayor Bramson chose to push through a no-notice, unscheduled, surprise vote that, on it’s

We believe the process was flawed in it’s execution and we will continue to flush out the details that will support that contention. Now, more than ever we would appreciate your support, Get involved, step up and speak out.  Let’s get a fair assessment of the plans that will shape the future of New Rochelle.

Follow the latest news here and on Talk of the Sound.
To view the presentation video

For part 1 click HERE

For part 2 click HERE

For part 3 click HERE


Mayor Bramson Tells Veterans and Local Groups “DROP DEAD”

September 20, 2012

Mayor Bramson throws local groups under the bus

In an orchestrated rush to vote, the mayor pushed through a council vote that would take away locally sponsored development in favor of outside development by a group containing, among others political campaign contributors and interests with close ties to the mayors wife.

New Rochelle Talk is has reported the textbook partyline vote that reinforces the widely held belief of puppet mentality among the democrat council members.
…more to follow


Civic Associations To Meet With Veterans and Opera Group About Armory

September 17, 2012


September 16 2012
New Rochelle New York

Civic Associations to Discuss United Veterans/NR Opera/SOA Plan for New Rochelle Armory

Multiple local Civic/Neighborhood Associations will be conducting a Town Hall Meeting to discuss our Armory options. This month will be the
NR United Veterans/NR Opera/SOA organization with a informational Power Point and Q & A Session. Please extend this invite to ALL
you know.

The meeting will take place in the City Hall Council Chambers at 7:30 This coming Tuesday September 18th 2012
All are welcome.

The NR Veterans have answered the RFP with a Adaptive Reuse of OUR Armory on East Main Street. The Veterans along with Save Our Armory Group have teamed up with NR Opera and are purposing OUR Armory be used for The NR Veterans Memorial Center for the Performing Arts. Included in the proposal is a Veterans Memorial for the 300 War Dead, NR Citizens who were Killed In Action over the years in all conflicts and Wars. New idea of having our NR 9/11 Memorial there as well. The Armory will also have a revolving gallery to include,but not limited to Norman Rockwell,NR Historical and of course NR Military History. There will be one or more beautiful restaurants over looking the sound and The main attraction, a Performing Arts Theatre,Studio and Schools. The arts will include performance,Dance,Visual and Instrumental

The City received the Armory from NY State in 1997 with the promise to upkeep,maintain,serve and use for the citizens of New Rochelle.
It’s YOUR ARMORY, please give the Council and the Mayor your input. Hope to see you there

Committee to Save the Armory
for more information

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