New Rochelle Armory – Forest City OK’s Plan Discussion – Local Group to Present City With Alternative Plan

July 19, 2010

Forest City Enterprises has granted permission for the City Council to hear an alternative plan for the preservation and adaptive re-use of the New Rochelle Armory. The new plan will be outlined by Save Our Armory committee members Ron Tocci and Peter Parente. The current agreement between the city and the developer grants exclusive rights to Forest City regarding the property included in the Echo Bay development project scope. The alternative plan will be unveiled on Tuesday, July 20 @ 7:00 PM, in the council conference room.

Waterfront access, youth and senior services, sports and veterans services are all part of the vision for a renewed Armory venue. Preliminary discussions with Monroe College have provided a glimpse into the possibilities available in the new facility. As to the question of a partnership between the College and proponents of the Armory Plan, Monroe spokesman Rob Seitz stated “Monroe would consider participation in a feasibility study with the veterans if they get City Council approval,”.

Forest City will be submitting a revised plan for the Echo Bay area in the fall, prior to the expiration of the current Memorandum of Understanding, at which point the city will have several options available.

The plan intends to demonstrate how the preservation of the Armory and the revitalized Echo Bay area can draw from each other to best benefit the community.

The plan will be available online shortly after its presentation on the New Rochelle Armory website and here, on Talk of the Sound.

More to follow…..

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