New Rochelle Armory Report on the June Emergency Meeting

July 6, 2010

As we’ve seen, the call went out to all concerned and the city was stopped in its tracks from its latest ploy to destroy history. Citizens turned out by the score to rail against this latest injustice. Among the speakers were committee members, local radio hosts, activists and citizens like you. Former Assemblyman Tocci gave the latest update regarding the State representatives’ reaction to the news that the Armory issue has NOT been settled. It’s reported that Senator Klein was most surprised that the story painted by the mayor didn’t actually reflect the reality. That within 36 hours of the truth being reported Senator Oppenheimer, Assembly Members Paulin and Latimer all pulled their support for the mayors request.  Anger, frustration, and betrayal, were the common theme among the amped up, yet organized crowd. The evening culminated with a review of a privately funded illustration of Armory possibilities. The graphic representations were met with excitement and approval  especially in light of the absence of any meaningful contribution from the city.

For your enjoyment, here’s a pictorial essay of the nights events.

Photos courtesy of Robert Pierce

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