New Rochelle Armory is Calling All Veterans!

June 28, 2010

Uncle Sam Wants YOUAs a veteran, aren’t you entitled to improved services? Shouldn’t the price you paid be reimbursed with the full backing of a society dedicated to providing the means necessary to address the needs of every veteran? New Rochelle citizens want to provide these much needed services for you and the multitude of young men and women returning from overseas. Our mayor, with his lack of concern for all veterans, is moving to sell out the Armory so he can hand it over to a private developer for private profit. Shouldn’t we have a dedicated, historical tribute to all those who have served and the many who paid the ultimate sacrifice. A dedicated regional source for veterans services to assist anyone who needs it? The Armory is THAT place. Don’t let the mayor sell you down the river along with the broken promises made between New York State and this city. Show yourself at the Legion Hall, Post 8 on Monday, June 28 at 19:00 hrs and let them know the veteran community will not be shrugged off. Join Pete, Ron and the rest of us as we battle for what’s right, for what YOU deserve.




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