Bramson Coordinates Destruction of New Rochelle Armory Despite Voters Concerns

June 27, 2010

In what appears to be another “backroom” deal to subvert the legal, binding deed covenant of the New Rochelle Armory, Mayor Bramson and his cronies have decided to usurp the law, violate the public trust and destroy a large part of New Rochelle’s history. New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound is reporting the attempt to sneak through last-minute legislation. This represents a new low for a Mayor who has been impotent in bringing any success to New Rochelle  in his final days as a city leader. As anyone who follows the Armory history will tell you, the city has been completely closed to any attempt to revive the historic icon, even though the proposals would not place any burden on the city. The $5,000 contribution from the Ratner family ( of Forest City Ratner) has been a source of speculation for the Mayors drive to destroy New Rochelle’s history. Popular opinion also speaks to the personality conflicts between supporters of the Armory and the Mayor, making it a “I’ll teach you a lesson” action from the Mayor just to prove a point.  Senseless  and short-sighted in its purpose, one can only imagine why it is so important to hand over the property to a private developer even though the developer is currently reevaluating the development to keep the Armory.  You may not agree with the Armory specifically, however, you can’t possibly agree with sneaking through legislation that affects your tax dollars without your participation.  “Taxation Without Representation….” I believe was how the saying goes.


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