The New Rochelle Armory Says Thanks and Remembers Our Veterans on This Memorial Day

May 31, 2010

As you can well imagine,  the Save Our Armory Committee is unwavering in its commitment to the Veteran at both the local and National levels. With that being said, we salute and thank all those brave patriots who have served out of a sense of duty, commitment and honor to protect the values and lifestyle we often take for granted. We  cannot  thank the  preacher for freedom of religion, nor the reporter for freedom of the press, the poet for freedom of speech, the campus organizer for freedom to assemble, the lawyer for the right to a fair trial, or the politician for our right to vote, no, we are afforded these unalienable rights because of the sacrifices made by our Veterans. The defense of these simple, but powerful freedoms have endured through the determination of a country willing to put our youth in harm’s way to protect our way of life. The price of freedom is paid with the souls of those willing to defend it. So as we celebrate this Memorial Day, find time to take pause and reflect on how this grand day was made possible, and thank a Vet.

It’s been said, no soldier ever dies until he is forgotten.

Below are some images of the Memorial Day Ceremony held at Holy Sepulchre cemetery in New Rochelle. Peter Parente of the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association led the ceremony as veterans paid tribute  and replaced the flags that marked the headstones of brother veterans. The yearly ceremony is held the Sunday before Memorial Day.  

A single flag stands watch over a fallen brother


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