New Rochelle Armory Hosts Memorial Day Celebration and Fireworks

May 23, 2010

Maybe not this year, but imagine, if only for a moment.  In the morning, as the sun rises over Echo Bay, a multi denominational service dedicated to those who gave all in service to our nation. This is  followed, throughout the day, with  exhibitions by local artists  and children from New Rochelle, with a patriotic  Memorial Day theme. Shuttles quietly moving people back and forth between the parade celebration and the Armory events.  Veterans giving tours through the New Rochelle Veterans War Memorial Center. Throughout the day, local shops and restaurants along Echo Bay delight the visitors with their wares as they take in the glorious water views. After everyone has dined, the feature venue at the Armory begins.  On the stage, as the sun sets, our host alternates  his introductions between readings of wartime letters and stories from local veterans who gave all, and  choice selections by the New Rochelle Symphony Orchestra. Beautiful, emotional, the absolute best New Rochelle has to offer,  and very appropriate for  Memorial Day.  The evening concludes with a fireworks show over Echo Bay as our guests line the waterfront promenade. Sounds pretty good to me, and like the postcard says, ” Wish You Were Here”.

Happy Memorial Day


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