The New Rochelle Armory – There Are No Do- Overs

March 8, 2010

We have to think carefully, there won’t be a second chance. It doesn’t always make sense to wipe the slate clean as we see in this article.

The Armory Series- Lamenting Our Loss or How Did THAT  Happen?

There will be no room for remorse . That about sums it up when speaking of the consequences of misguided demolition . The fact is , there has been no actual review of the possibilities of an adaptive re-use of the Armory , by this or any other administration . The only consideration given was the City asking the most recent developer , Forest City- Ratner , what they want to do with the property . Hardly in-depth thinking . Granted the city doesn’t have much experience in this area , but that only reinforces the need to stop and take a closer look at just what might happen and what we will loose forever . There is no going back . (click here for the rest of the article)

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