The New Rochelle Armory – Keen Insight and Comment From a Thoughtful Citizen

March 8, 2010

Andrew Wasson is a new resident to New Rochelle and a welcome new voice in the Armory debate. He has written a thoughtful, insightful article on urban planning and development and the need to mix old and new as part of any good planning process. You can see the how using the Armory is fundamental to the proper development of Echo Bay. Here is his article.

Why New Rochelle Must Save the Armory

I am a New Rochelle resident and I feel very strongly that the Armory should be preserved. Instead of viewing the Armory as problem that needs to be dealt with, we should view the Armory as an opportunity and a central focal point of our city. Forest City and New Rochelle have it backwards: rather than building newer and newer commercial facilities hoping to spur prosperity, we need to encourage unique, historical, and civic facilities that will make people want to visit and ultimately invest in New Rochelle. The proposal for a Monroe College facility is a step in the right direction. Other avenues should be considered as well, such as a performing arts center. Implicit in any facility should be the history of the Armory and the needs of our servicemen and women…. [to read the entire article click here]


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  1. Thanks for your kind words! I’d like to get involved — please do not hesitate to let me know what I can do to help.

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