The New Rochelle Armory To Provide Needed Veterans Services

March 4, 2010

As soon as the city agrees, the Armorys transformation will begin and we’ll begin to see just how valuable an asset we already have in our possession. Alongside and in conjunctuion with the many venues possible, a complete Veteran’s  Service Center will provide medical support, carreer counciling, job training, financial services , housing and relocation resources and more. Geographically , it makes sense, as a society it is our responsibility. We send our young into harms way, and they return to a world that’s different than the one they remember.  Would you want someone to help your son or daughter when they need it? They can get that help at the Veteran’s Service Center – at the Armory.

You can see from this link below, the WCVSA is expanding it’s registration dates to reach out to all who need services. More and more will need this in the coming years.


Support your local Armory


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  1. If I can figure out how to link this to my blog, I will.
    pete domanovic

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