The New Rochelle Armory, Former Mayor & Commish at Odds With Former City Manager

March 3, 2010

8/4/97 Standard Star NR to but ArmoryAs we read this reprint from the Journal News dated 8/4/97,(click on image to enlarge) it would appear that DPW Commissioner R. Dolan had a different “take” on what was negotiated between the City and the State. In a previous posting, Mr Korn is quoted in a letter stating “there is no contractual obligation” for maintenance or public use. In stark contrast, Mr Dolan (who Mr. Korn claims to have collaborated with the deal) sees  “great opportunity”, and is  chairman of a “new Armory committee evaluating ideas such as gym and rec center and city offices.  The last line quoting former Mayor Tim Idoni supports using the Armory “for public purposes until further notice”. What happened along the way?  To me, it’s starting to look like the intent all along was to say and do whatever it took to get control of the property  without concern for historic preservation or the vision to create a facility not found anywhere else. Could that explain the downhill slide since the city took ownership? Afterall, as early as 1999 the same Commissioner Dolan states, in another news article, the brick building is solid and both the heating and water systems are working. Lack of resolve, apathy, subterfuge? I have my opinion, but I’ll let you decide.


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