The New Rochelle Armory – Here is Your Deed

March 1, 2010

Armory DeedArmory DeedArmory DeedHere we can see a copy of the deed, as accepted by city and state officials. This is reprinted from the “Request for Proposals” (RFP) issued by the city in its endeavour to court prospective developers (click on any image to enlarge). Reprints from news articles and interviews will show the city’s reluctance to comply with the binding agreement . We’ve seen the city’s website acknowledge that responsibility and we’ve seen the failure to follow through.  At this point, the city needs not fund the Armory, just let those that are willing to take the lead. Is it any wonder the owner(s) of the company chosen to develop(Forest City Residential/Ratner/et al) generously  contributed to the Bramson for Mayor  Campaign?

New York State Parks see a bonus in local spending when people use their facilities. For every dollar spent for admittance, there’s upwards of ten dollars spent in the local economy (restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.)



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